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Artist Profile | Alina Gishyan


Alina Gishyan is an Armenian visual artist who has been living and working in Croatia for five years. She uses both of her cultural influences to create pieces that are certainly Croatian and also undeniably Armenian. Her avant-garde style of ceramics has attracted buyers from all over the world, including local buyers who have commissioned her work to be displayed as part of corporate collections.
Alina Gishyan comes from a distinguished Armenian family of ceramic artists; over the past sixteen years she has built up an enormous amount of experience and developed her own style of unique ceramic functional pottery. Her artistic mission is to create sustainable art through food safe materials that are functional and stylish.
Alina is constantly gaining exposure through exhibitions and art symposiums across the world. Her artwork has been collected all over the globe, from USA to Japan and from UAE to Russia. Alina frequently participates in art exhibitions and expositions around the world. She has many collectors who enjoy owning pieces of her art works, including those living in USA, Japan, UAE, Russia and in Europe. Besides participating in exhibitions she is organising art exhibitions in Croatia which are becoming increasingly popular year in year out.
In 2019 Alina Gishyan has earned the title of Folk Master of Republic of Armenia and represents modern Armenian art on a global stage.
A small list of events and exhibitions in which Alina Gishyan has taken a part or has been the organizer can be found here.

Art Bazaar, Rijeka, 2016

Ghapama Festival, Aghveran, 2016

Haghartsin Week 1, Haghartsin Monastery, 2016

Haghartsin Week 2, Haghartsin Monastery, 2017

Earth+The Drava – Ješkovo, Gola, 2018

Zagreb Clay Fest, Zagreb, 2018 MISK 18, Zagreb, 2018

Artistic Hands 3, Zagreb, 2018

Zelina 19, Sv. Ivan Zelina, 2019

Earth+The Drava – Ješkovo, Gola, 2019

Haghartsin Week 4, Haghartsin Monastery, 2019

Zagreb Ex Tempore 2019, Zagreb, 2019

IWCZ Christmas Bazaar, Zagreb, 2019

The Honest Nostalgia, New Delhi, 2020

[ A H ] 4 (Organizer), Zagreb, 2020

[ A H ] 5 (Organizer), Zagreb, 2021

Monaco Art Fair, Monaco, 2021

¨La vie est belle¨ , Madrid, 2021

[ A H ] 6 (Organizer), Zagreb, 2022

WAD 2022, Dubai, 2022

¨The Dive¨ (Organizer), Zagreb, 2022

Art Zagreb, Zagreb, 2022

Zagreb Art Walk (Organizer), Zagreb, 2022

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